design & manufacturing done by SparkBright


Every item we supply is designed & produced completely end-to-end in our modern workspace.

a printed circuit board manufactured by SparkBright, not Gammatronix Each new project begins with research, circuit design and prototyping on a solderless breadboard. Almost all our design work has a microcontroller at its heart, so at this stage we begin to develop the firmware that will make your device come to life. The creativity and expertise that goes into our firmware development allows us to exceed your expectations without exceeding your budget.

Watch a 30 second stop motion clip of a SparkBright board being produced We are fully equipped to design and produce both single & double sided printed circuit boards, which we then populate using surface mounted technology (SMT).

For the small to mid volume work in which we specialise, once solder paste is stencilled onto boards they are generally hand-populated by a skilled operator. This is more efficient than going through lengthy setup protocols on a pick & place machine, and it produces excellent results.

Quality is key: before populated boards pass through our soldering oven they are second-checked for correct placement and alignment of components. After processing in the soldering oven, each printed circuit board (PCB) is checked under a low-power microscope for design compliance.

inspection microscope, used by SparkBright in producing modules for Honda Yamaha Triumph Kawasaki Suzuki Ducati Harley-Davidson Hero Motocorp Aprilia In some cases drilling for pin-through-hole (PTH) components or mounting points will be required. Most boards require some manual soldering: for example fitting supply leads or particular through-hole parts. Following on from these final manual steps, boards are cleaned in preparation for a lacquer coat or potting. Where microprocessors are included in the design, these can be programmed in bulk before assembly, or individually after assembly. Where calibration is required (e.g. voltage monitors), this takes place using certified test equipment. After a final visual inspection, each unit is tested within its normal operating range and then packaged for shipping.

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